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Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies

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Gibraltar is a dependency of the British Crown. It is a European Union member. This may be affected by Brexit, though the jury is not out as of this writing.
Gibraltar is specifically excluded from applications of three areas of EU legislation – the common agricultural policy, customs union and the value added tax regulations. All other aspects of the EU legislation are applicable in Gibraltar. During the UK / EU split, nearly 96% of Gibraltarians voted to remain in the European Union.

Gibraltar is a well-regulated offshore jurisdiction. Government
authorities closely supervise the offshore financial services
providers. That ensures the highest possible standard of service and
due diligence in all sectors of industry: company and trust
management, banking, insurance and fund management. This highly
civilized regulatory environment has largely contributed to the fact
that Gibraltar successfully holds against all recent pressures against
offshore centers from organizations like OECD Financial Action Task
Force and the EU. At the same time, while remaining well regulated
internally, Gibraltar remains strong in its commitment (expressed
often by the Government) to maintain the tax benefit environment for
international investor.

The legal system in Gibraltar is very much like that in the UK. Gibraltarians base their laws on the Common Law of England.

The offshore benefits on offer in Gibraltar are varied and tailored to
suit various requirements. Non-resident company, exempt company,
qualifying company alongside with an attractive qualifying residency
program for individuals caters for all possible needs of the modern
international investor.

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Gibraltar Tax Haven Advantages

1. A non-resident company may be totally exempt from Gibraltar
corporate taxation.

In order to avoid Gibraltar taxation the following should apply:

  • Nonresidents of Gibraltar must own the IBC.
  • Directors who manage and control the company should live and conduct the meetings of the company away from Gibraltar.
  • The company bank account should be outside of Gibraltar.

2. Gibraltar has no double taxation treaty with any other country.
What this means is that Gibraltar will not share information about any trade or investment with any Revenue Authority. That being said, we still recommend full tax compliance with those agencies to which you are obligated.

3. Banking confidentiality is enforced by law.

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Gibraltar Company Formation

What is included?

  • Gibraltar Corporation This includes preparing and filing by the initial Subscriber of all of the paperwork needed for company registration.
  • Acquiring the Incorporation Certificate.
  • Company registered office and company secretary
  • Filing fees
  • Initial annual Return


Miscellaneous Services 

  • Apostilization of the corporation’s documents (required for opening a
    corporate bank account or a foreign branch)
  • Company embossed seal
  • FedEx documents delivery

Annual Renewal

  • The yearly filing fee due the Gibraltar company registrar is included.
  • We provide the legally required registered address
  • Includes the required Gibraltar resident secretary inclusive of the preparation and filing of the Annual Return – if company management is provided by client.


Incorporating a Gibraltar company typically takes 4 to 6 business days. This time is required by the Registrar of Companies to process the
order. Expedited “next day” Registrar service is available at extra
cost of GBP 100. Additional document certification (Notary and/or Apostille) may
take an additional 4 to 6 business days. The exact amount of time depends how much of a workload is currently on the agencies that certify the documents.

What is Needed?
The following information is required for the incorporation.

  • Two company name choices. The words not allowed are as follows: Europe, royal, international, association, bank, group, trust,insurance, and assurance.
  • Director and shareholder detail. The Companies Registry records these, so, it is public information. As such, we can provide our nominee director and shareholders to maintain owners’ confidentiality.
  • A Power of Attorney (POA) will be required to transfer powers from a
    nominee director to the real owner. So, we can provide a notarized General POA for an additional fee if needed.
  • Each company is required to submit an annual return to the Company
    Registry which contains details of the shareholders, directors and the
    capital of the company. This information is open to public inspection.
  • Gibraltar companies are also required to file statements of accounts
    (Profit and Loss Balance sheets) at the Registry (on public record).
    There is no requirement for these Balance sheets to be audited.

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When you compare Gibraltar to like European offshore centers (including Isle of Man, Liechtenstein and Channel Islands) you will see that Gibraltar is the most
affordable option. Plus they are dedicated to maintaining and improving offshore financial services industry. The affordability of forming and maintaining a company in Gibraltar favorably compares to any other jurisdiction on the planet. It is a business-friendly regulatory and statutory environment which is much sought after as an offshore entity. That being said, a Gibraltar nonresident company is likely the most cost effective offshore tool available across the European continent.  Likewise, it is competitive with Belize, BVI, the Cayman Islands and other well-known offshore financial centers.

Due Diligence

The law requires us to maintain due diligence on the company shareholders and directors in our private internal files.  We maintain this documentation safely and securely in our offices in Gibraltar and is not available for public viewing.

Due Diligence Documents

  • Requires a certified passport copy (or similar ID).
  • A proof of address.
  • Reference letter from a bank, attorney or accountant for each individual on the order form for the company.
  • Proof of address documentation is any is any recently provided document displaying the name and home address of the person indicated. Examples are a utility bill, landline phone bill, bank statement, credit card statement or like will suffice.

Please let us know if you would like to proceed. You can provide a credit card number and then we send an electronic invoice for you to approve in writing. When the fees are received we will initiate the incorporation process.