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Barbados Company Registration

Form a Barbados Corporation Introduction

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A Barbados company registration  is regulated by the Fiscal Incentives Act. The laws were originally enacted in 1974 with major revision adopted in 2007.


Barbados Corporation Benefits

Barbados Corporations receive many benefits including:

  • Low Taxes: The corporate tax rate in Barbados is very low when compared to other jurisdictions at 2.5%. Barbados also offers tax exemption from capital gains and withholding taxes.
  • 10 Year Tax Holiday: A concept called the “ten-year tax holiday” exempts corporations from Barbados taxes for ten years. After that decade passes, the corporation is expected to pay a 2.5% tax rate. However, U.S. citizens along with residents of other countries which tax worldwide income must declare all income to their tax authorities.
  • Import Duty Exemption: Barbados corporations and businesses manufacturing and processing goods and products enjoy an import duty exemption.
  • One Shareholder: The minimum number of required shareholders to incorporate is one.
  • No Minimum Authorized Share Capital: The minimum authorized share capital requirement for corporations in Barbados is BBD 0.
  • English: As a British Commonwealth and former colony, English is the official language in Barbados.
  • Government Assistance: Barbados also has a government agency called Invest Barbados (IB) to assist those forming an offshore corporation in its jurisdiction with financial assistance and a speedy and efficient process of incorporation. In addition, full assistance to corporations at no cost is provided by the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC).

 Barbados Map

Barbados Corporation Legal  Information

Barbados Corporate Name

A Barbados corporation must select a unique name that is not similar to already existing corporation names. Typically, three versions of the corporate name are submitted with the expectation that one of them will be approved. Once selected, the names can be reserved for three months. This reservation costs between $150 to $200 USD. After submission, the proposed names are scanned to check their status. Within three days, one can be approved.

Office Address and Local Agent 

Barbados corporations must have a local registered agent and a local office address. This address will be used for process service requests and official notices.


Barbados corporations are required to have at least one shareholder.

Shareholders may be of any nationality and live anywhere in the world.

Directors and Officers

Barbados corporations are required to have at least one director.

No company secretary or resident director is required in Barbados. Directors may be of any nationality and live anywhere in the world.

Authorized Capital 

The minimum authorized capital requirement to incorporate in Barbados is BBD 0.

Barbados Corporation


Barbados corporations can expect a low corporate tax rate of 2.5%. However, there is a 10-year holiday from this tax from the date of incorporation.

Barbados also offers corporations capital gains and withholding tax exemptions.

Annual Fees 

Barbados corporations can expect to pay an annual renewal fee of BBD 750. In addition there will be a registered agent fee.  

Public Records 

Barbados ensures privacy for offshore corporations. The names of corporate stockholders and directors remain private, and nominee directors and shareholders may be selected for increased confidentiality.

Accounting and Audit Requirements 

The corporation must keep a record of meeting minutes and meetings at the registered office.  However, corporations are not required to file annual reports.

Annual General Meeting 

There is no requirement for annual general meetings to be held locally.

Time Required for Incorporation 

Barbados corporations can expect the entire process to take about 5 days.  This completion time depends on the approval of the corporate name, as well as, how accurately the applicant completes its registration documents.

Shelf Corporations

Shelf corporations are not available in Barbados.

Barbados Background

Barbados is an island nation located in the North Atlantic’s Lesser Antilles near the Caribbean Sea. The nearest islands are Trinidad and Tobago 104 miles (168 kilometers) and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines about 250 miles (400 kilometers) away. The island is 21 miles (34 kilometers) long by 14 miles (23 kilometers) wide and covers an area of 167 square miles (432 kilometers). Its estimated population is 290,000 people.

In 1627, the island was settled by the English and became a British colony. Barbados obtained its independence in 1966 and became part of the British Commonwealth.


Barbados corporations enjoy several benefits including: A 10-year tax holiday and then only pay a 2.5% tax rate, import duty exemption, only one shareholder required to incorporate, no minimum authorized share capital, an English speaking country offering government assistance with the incorporation process and financial assistance to foreign investors.

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