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Bahamas Companies

The Bahamas has been a prime location for offshore corporation formation. Since the enactment of the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in 1990, tens of thousands IBC’s have been formed. A Bahamian IBC enables the investor to conduct business globally with anonymity. Beneficial to the shareholders and The Bahamas company itself, both are exempt from all Bahamian taxes and exchange controls for 20 years from incorporation.

Bahamas Incorporation Benefits

For reassurances that your corporation is a legitimate Bahamian business, we will provide you with complete documentation including Bahamian Acts and laws governing International Business Corporation. We highly recommend a Bahamas bank account along with your Bahamas corporation. You will enjoy the following benefits when you incorporate in the Bahamas:

  • Complete Anonymity
  • No Corporate Income Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Information Sharing
  • Stockholders are Not Public Record
  • No Tax On Corporate Shares
  • Low Annual Fee
  • Bahamas Bank Account Opening Service is Available

Keep in mind, the tax benefits in the Bahamas may be different than the one’s in your jurisdiction. US people, for example, are taxed on worldwide income.

Bahamas Offshore Company Services

Not only can the benefits Bahamian Corporation be enjoyed, private mailbox, faxes and messaging services can be provided to keep your offshore office functioning smoothly. We respectfully adhere to policies protecting our companies in addition to policies that uphold the reputation of our company and yours. Strict confidentiality and privacy is enforced. Owners of a Bahamas offshore corporation remain private.