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Swiss Banking Costs

Switzerland has hundreds of banks and each offer a wide variety of services to its client’s, both individual and commercial / corporate. A Swiss bank account can be opened for as little as $550 to $750, plus the initial deposit. The banking fees are competitive and typically the interest rates are higher. Managed equity accounts typically return 8 to 15% annually over the long-term. Most Swiss bank account providers offer the latest in features, to include online banking and investment strategy.

Minimum Deposits

Swiss banking providers can have minimum account deposits. Opening deposits of $250,000 to $500,000 are often the minimum. There are many banks that work with its clients and open active accounts with much less. That goes for banking fees and costs as well: the higher the deposit, the more flexible the bank is when it comes to requirements and minimums.

Each bank in Switzerland has a different value proposition for its clients. Depending on your scenario and specific criteria, there is very likely a Swiss bank that is right for you. can assist with the selection of your banking provider that offers the benefits that meet your needs.