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Swiss Banks

Swiss banking has an outstanding reputation for professionalism, whether it be quiet, business as usual, or in the face of the extreme adversities of war and economic strife. Swiss banks can be counted upon to deliver excellent, professional service no matter what the prevailing winds or circumstances of the day bring. The etiquette is one to be emulated, with the utmost care taken by Swiss bankers to lend confidence to their depositors and to uphold the grand Swiss bank account tradition; providing flawless professional service is a must. Considering the international flavor of their clientele, Switzerland banks staff are usually multi-lingual, and well versed in the rules and regulations of their land.

Swiss banks are long known for their privacy and secrecy. Indeed, Switzerland has had to comply with international taxation standards. However, if you are looking for a place to park your money away from the prying eyes of a lawsuit-happy attorney, Swiss banking may for you. This is especially true when you hold your bank account inside of an offshore asset protection trust.

Swiss Bank Professionalism

Swiss banking has long been thought of as exclusive and only catering to the wealthy. That is not a fact. Swiss bank accounts and private banking is available to those with less than one million dollars. Switzerland financial institutions and bank account providers also like to build strong relationships with their customers and tailor needs, investment services and strategies to their customers.

Flexible Initial Deposits

Most banking institutions in Switzerland require a minimum deposit of $200,000 to $2,500,000, however there are institutions that will accept less and remain flexible when there is potential to grow the balance with the client. Moreover, if the account has been opened through an eligible introducer such as setting up an account in Switzerland can be done relatively quickly. The client needs to provide the eligible introducer with the application and due-diligence information and this information, in turn, will be provided to the bank. After the account is opened, many banks will send a representative to meet the client and have face-to-face meeting. The representative will get to know the client and his or her objectives and start the relationship to fulfill the client’s long-term objectives.

Opening a Swiss bank account requires research and knowledge. Therefore, executives have traveled to Switzerland on numerous occasions to select banking providers who will work with the specific needs of each client from initial deposit amounts to designing a service portfolio tailored to the objectives of the depositor. can assist with the development of your offshore business and banking needs today by calling a representative and discussing your needs.