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Swiss Account Setup

Establishing a Swiss bank account once a provider has been selected can be done in a number of ways. Please keep in mind that the process in which to establish an account with each banking institution will vary. Nearly all Swiss banking providers offer a wide selection of services, and are very discreet. They will open and activate accounts without the need to travel as long as it is established through an eligible introducer who has a relationship with the institution, such as personnel. specializes in protecting the interests of its customers and designing privacy and offshore asset protection and financial privacy plans. We listen to your needs and can provide strong recommendations on Swiss banks and private financial institutions and will facilitate the entire process for you.

Representatives from regularly visit Switzerland and meet with banking institutions. We have developed strong relationships with bank account providers in Zurich and Geneva. can help you establish a Swiss bank account or other offshore financial account. We can assist you with the process of protecting your privacy and structuring a plan for your needs.