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Nominee Bank Signatory for US Bank Account

US Bank Account

Nominee bank account signatory services are for those clients who want to open a bank account in the USA or other location but do not want to travel to open the account. Therefore, we offer nominee signatory services, where one of our contractors can open the bank account for you.

Therefore, this can help you more easily do business in the US or other country where it would be difficult to open a bank account. The person who provides the signature on your bank account can work with you to move funds in and out of the account.

Moreover, this can help protect against lawsuits. To open a bank or brokerage account a social security number is required. This leaves you vulnerable to an asset search where an opposing attorney could find your relationship to the account. Having someone to sign for you can offer asset protection.

To help and protect you, we will provide one of our nominee directors as signatory for your corporate account. When you need to execute a transaction through your corporate account, you simply contact us with your request, and we will process it for you. We charge a US$2995 (or 1%, whichever is higher) annual administration fee for nominee signatory services.

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Professional Passive Nominee Signatory

In addition, you may want your bank account opened quickly. As such, the nominee signatory can open your corporate account without the time-consuming need for travel.

Worldwide, banks continuously place more restrictions on corporate bank account opening. They have increasing due diligence procedures. This may take two months or more to open a corporate bank account.

Our clients usually get their accounts set up within a week. Naturally, we cannot make timeframe promises that depend on banks. So, this is a typical timeframe.

On a selective basis, we can provide nominee signatory services on company accounts. We do background checks to make sure the people we are dealing with are reputable. Plus, you will need to prove to us that the funds are from a legal source.

Note that the nominee bank account signatory is different than the nominee officer and director. Nominee officer and director service keeps your name out of the public records. Nominee signatory service is where the nominee is signatory on a bank account, which involves additional risk, effort and fees.

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Why Would I Need a Nominee Bank Signature?

We occasionally have client ask us to provide bank signatory services. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. We can typically get the bank account opened within a week.
  2. Banks often have very strict requirements for foreign people. By using a US person as your signatory, this makes the process much easier so that you get your account opened without long delays.
  3. Many banks want you to live in the USA (or other country where the account is located). They will not open the account unless you prove that you live in the country.
  4. Avoid the Work Permit Requirements. Many times a bank wants to see a work permit and local driver’s license before you can open an account. You will not need provide this to the bank when requesting bank signatory services.
  5. Fast account number. Need a place to wire funds quickly. Our nominee signatory can provide the wiring instructions to you immediately upon account opening.
  6. No need to travel. Most banks require you to travel and meet the banker in person. You will not need to do this with this service.

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Open a Bank Account in the USA

It is very difficult to open a bank account in the US. This is especially true of the foreigner. Therefore, you can hire our local person to open the account for you. So, if you want to open a US bank account, we can help you do so. Our local contractor can open the account and provide the signature services for you.

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Due Diligence

We will not accept just anybody as a client.  In addition, we need to make sure that the source of funds are legal. We need to make sure you are the kind of person we want to provide this service for. In addition, we need to make sure that we want to be involved with the type of business you conduct.

We do this for US bank accounts. Therefore, we do not offer this option for offshore banking.  Moreover, if providing this service violated any laws, we will not knowingly provide the service for you.

How Is My Money Protected?

You will be able to log in to see your money online. Therefore you will be able to check how much money is in our bank account. The bank account signer can only act on your behalf. That is, they can only move money when you tell them to do so.


Legal Matters

Before acting as the signatory on your corporate bank account, our firm will ask for due diligence to protect us from risk. We will also follow the local and international laws we are aware of, requiring disclosure and due diligence.

We will need to know the ultimate beneficial owner of the company. Plus we will need to follow FATCA, CR5 and other regulations.

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We will only refer to our US bank signatory services personnel those people we approve for this service. Call for our standard fees.


Many clients urgently need bank account numbers to deposit funds. Maybe you have a contract or business that requires a bank account. Using the bank account signer service, this gives you the ability to get your account opened quickly and easily.