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How Much Protection Do You Need?

Creating an offshore asset protection plan starts by evaluating what you have to protect. There are different techniques to protecting liquid assets, real-estate assets and other valuables. When you simply want the most in financial privacy, an LLC and bank account may be just what you need. When you are protecting a substantial amount and a variety of assets, this will typically involve domestic land trusts, an offshore company and bank account as well as an offshore asset protection trust with estate planning provisions.

Different types of assets have different types of liabilities. Safe assets, such as cash and stock, and dangerous assets, such as real estate and automobiles should be held in different legal tools. This is because if someone slips and falls on your property that is owned by an LLC and you have cash in the same LLC, the same lawsuit could take both. Holding real estate and cash in separate legal tools such as LLCs and asset protection trusts, litigant who sued in a real estate lawsuit from having access to the company or trust that holds your liquid net worth. It is also wise to separate one dangerous asset from another. Separate rental properties, for example, should be held in separate LLCs so that a lawsuit on one property does not result in the seizure of the other.

Thus, properly distributing your assets, that are subject to liability, throughout your offshore asset protection plan is an important strategy. Rental properties represent risk and, as we said, you manage your risk through separating these assets. Liquid assets in excess of $250,000, we recommend Switzerland’s strongest banks with whom we are an eligible introducer. There is a legal protection tool for nearly every asset. So, choosing the right options should be done with a qualified asset protection professional. An asset protection plan should also be reviewed and updated as your financial picture changes, home changes in value and savings increase.

Offshore Asset Protection Instruments

Offshore Bank Account – The initial minimum deposit requirements ranges from $450 to $250,000, depending on the bank you choose. The bank is selected based on your needs.

Offshore LLC or Corporation – This entity can be formed within 24 hours and combined with a bank account, which offers substantial financial privacy.

Offshore Asset Protection Trust – This is considered the strongest asset protection tool in the world.

Domestic Land Trust – Used to re-title real-estate into the name of a trust for domestic privacy.

Putting all of these tools together is best done with an experienced individual who can combine one’s protection needs with the individual comfort level. A tactical plan can be crated based on your assets, risks and liabilities. Call with questions you may have.