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Offshore Asset Protection means taking advantage of the world’s strongest asset protection laws in offshore jurisdictions. You can take advantage of the world’s strongest financial privacy and asset protection legislation by forming a company and/or trust and opening a bank account in the name of your private offshore business. Offshore Company .com protects assets offshore and have helped thousands of people shield their wealth from frivolous lawsuits and unethical creditors.

Asset Protection Jurisdictions Offshore

Choosing your offshore asset protection jurisdiction(s) will depend on what level of privacy and protection you require and/or are comfortable with. Bank accounts are opened in the name of a private company in a jurisdiction with the strongest privacy laws for Corporations or LLCs. For the most protection possible, interest or shares of your private company can be held in an offshore asset protection trust. You remain in the driver’s seat and control all of your financial and corporate actions until legal duress arises, at which time your offshore trustee follows pre-written guidelines with your advice on company and spending matters, and s/he is not subject to US court rulings.

Offshore Company forms businesses and opens bank accounts all over the world in the strongest offshore asset protection and financial privacy jurisdictions available. When your assets are protected offshore, the outcome of legal pressure is almost always more in your favor than having exposed assets.

Assets held in the same jurisdiction where a lawsuit is filed and subsequent judgment issued are relatively easy to seize to satisfy the judgment. Placing assets offshore puts you in control. Adding an offshore trust adds a licensed, bonded individual located in a foreign jurisdiction who is not bound by local court orders. This puts the one who was sued and lost in a great position of strength. Rather than having your money forcefully ripped out from underneath you, it leaves the judgment creditor out in a barren desert with nothing but a worthless piece of paper.