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Asset Protection

Offshore has helped protect millions of dollars for thousands of clients with ironclad asset protection. We can help you too.

Reasons to Protect Your Assets

  • Business / Partner Lawsuit
  • Personal Lawsuit
  • Divorce
  • Unfair / unlawful creditors

Protect Your Home, Savings and Investments

We offer a number of asset protection services ranging from simple and secure to complex and bulletproof. Each FREE consultation will result in you getting a custom solution that’s right for your assets and personal risk. There is nothing too small to protect.

Top 3 Asset Protection Strategies

  1. Create an Offshore Trust
  2. Setup an international bank account with 100% privacy
  3. Start an offshore corporation or limited liability company for maximum protection

We promise to work with you and find the best possible solution to protect your assets from unwanted seizure. Call or complete the contact form on this page.

Offshore Company Formation and Asset Protection

Placing assets into offshore companies and legal structures can offer a strong layer of protection from future liabilities. Some of the wealthiest and most legally shielded individuals in the world will say one thing “Own nothing, control everything.” By having bank accounts and other assets owned by your entity make them difficult to find through a professional asset search.

Offshore Company Incorporation and Legal Protection

If a legal opponent is pursing suit, this typically involves an asset search to make sure there will be a return should a judgment be awarded. Having assets in an individual’s name can quickly be discovered through simple records searches. Forming offshore companies and titling assets to the company, means they are no longer tied to your name. Therefore your assets can be shielded from legal opponents, judges and court rulings simply by incorporating offshore.

Another benefit you can take advantage of is simplicity. Most offshore jurisdictions make it simple for anyone who is interested in incorporating. Offshore is the world leader in offshore business formation. We assist in your strategy and developing an asset protection plan for your needs.